2nd Language Testing & Evaluation Forum. Teaching and Testing: Opportunities for Learning

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The Organizer

The 2nd Language Testing and Evaluation Forum, “Teaching and Testing: Opportunities for Learning”, is jointly organized by the Hellenic American University and the Hellenic American Union in Athens, Greece.

The Hellenic American University is a recently established American university with its main campus in Athens. Founded as a degree-granting institution by an act of the New Hampshire Legislature, the University aims to be a leading provider of the highest quality American-style graduate and undergraduate education that is globally focused, interculturally informed, and career oriented. Serving Greece and other countries in the Balkans, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, it prepares its graduates to contribute to economic and social development locally, regionally, and internationally.

The Hellenic American Union is a public-service, not-for-profit organization with an international focus and strong community commitment, dedicated to providing opportunities for a diverse range of audiences to encounter and benefit from innovative educational programs and cultural events. These programs are developed independently by the institution or in partnership with American and European educational and cultural organizations and aim to directly address emergent social or economic needs.

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