2nd Language Testing & Evaluation Forum. Teaching and Testing: Opportunities for Learning

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Building on the resounding success of the 2004 forum, which was attended by over 200 participants from 20 different countries worldwide, the Hellenic American Union and the Hellenic American University will be organizing the 2nd Language Testing and Evaluation Forum, to be held on June 16, 17, 18, 2006.

Recent years have seen an explosion of interest and activity in language testing throughout Europe and in many other parts of the world. In Greece, owing to the variety of tests that are used as language certification for the hiring and promotion of employees in the public and private sectors, testing continues to play an extremely important role. The Cambridge ESOL CPE and the University of Michigan ECPE , for example, are used as a requirement to obtain a license for teaching English in private language schools. Currently, the following tests are administered in Greece and recognized by the Greek state: TOEIC; Cambridge ESOL examinations suite; University of Michigan ECCE & ECPE; Edexcel Levels 1-5; Hellenic American Union ALCE & BCCE (see www.hau.gr for more information); the Greek state language examination at the B2 level (see www.cc.uoa.gr/english/kpg for more information). [NB: the TOEFL is also administered in Greece for American university admissions, but it is not used or recognized as certification for employment or promotion.]

Since such a great number of high-stakes certificate examinations are offered in Greece, the Hellenic American Union, as a major test administrator and test developer would like to assist the ELT community in broadening their understanding of the complex interfaces of teaching and testing in ESOL today. For this reason we are organizing a forum of recognized experts in the field to address issues related to current practices and considerations in teaching and testing.

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